Public and Engaged Humanities

As we train the next generation of scholar-teacher-leaders within and beyond the academy, we seek to make the humanities more fully integral to tackling the complex challenges facing an interconnected yet divided world.

Humanities Engage supports public-facing humanistic scholarship, public engagement, collaboration, and the communication of research to non-specialist audiences. We encourage experimentation and engagement with new media and modes of scholarly production.

As part of our grant, we will develop a new graduate certificate in the public and engaged arts and humanities.  We understand “engaged scholarship” as academically rigorous, cross- and interdisciplinary scholarship that addresses social, civic, and ethical problems and involves partnerships with community-based organizations. [1] 

[1] Tufts University and Campus Compact, ”New Times Demand New Scholarship I: Research Universities and Civic Engagement: A Leadership Agenda,” Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 16/4 (2012), 235–69. Dorothy Holland, Dana E. Powell, Eugenia Eng, Georgina Drew, “Models of Engaged Scholarship: An Interdisciplinary Discussion,” Collaborative Anthropologies, 3 (2010), 1–36.

Here are some further background readings:

Pitt has a variety of innovative scholarship and teaching resources.

Funding opportunities exist for humanities PhD students, graduate faculty, and PhD programs to explore public humanities projects and curricular innovations.