Career Diversity Champions

Each Humanities Ph.D. program annually nominates a faculty-student pair to serve as Career Diversity Champions who will be fellow change leaders as we re-imagine the humanities doctorate. Career Diversity Champions will model a culture of student-centered graduate training that prepares Humanists for high-impact careers across all employment sectors. The Champions help lead discussion at the unit level, orient faculty and students toward grant-funded and other resources around professional development and career preparation, and liaise with their counterparts, the grant leadership team, and the Office of Graduate Studies. Champions will be eligible to apply for grant-funded financial support to enhance alum engagement with current doctoral student populations. Rotating student members of the Advisory Board for Humanities Engage will be recruited from amongst the Career Diversity Champions.

Communication: Dr. Ron Zboray; Deborah Danuser

English: Dr. Elizabeth Pitts; Nelesi Rodriguez

Film and Media Studies: Dr. Mark Lynn Anderson; Genevieve Newman

French: Dr. David Pettersen; Emma Ben Hadj

Hispanic Languages and Literatures: Dr. Junyoung Verónica Kim; Carlos Rivera Morales

History: Dr. Ruth Mostern; Bryan Paradis

History and Philosophy of Science: Dr. Michael Dietrich; Dejan Makovec

History of Art and Architecture: Dr. Shirin Fozi; Paula Kupfer

Linguistics:  Dr. Alan Juffs; Ben Naismith

Music: Dr. Michael Heller; Nicolas Aguia

Philosophy: Dr. Japa Pallikkathayil; Annika Froese

Slavic Languages and Literatures:  Dr. David J. Birnbaum, Eve Barden

Theatre Arts: Dr. Michelle Granshaw; Courtney Colligan