Annual Funding Competitions for Immersive Dissertation Research Fellowships

Over the next several years, funding opportunities for Ph.D. students in the Humanities will be made available through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant, Humanities Engage: Re-Imagining Doctoral Education in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.

These opportunities include Immersive Dissertation Research Fellowships. These innovative research fellowships are a new, competitive, and prestigious mechanism with which we wish to incentivize and support dissertation projects that involve substantial professional development and will likely result in dissertation formats other than the conventional proto-monograph. Ph.D. students are required to embed themselves or otherwise collaborate intensively with institutions or communities as part of their research toward their Ph.D.

Such dissertation projects might, for example, center on ethnographic research in non-academic settings; participant-observer fieldwork; collaborations with museums or historical sites; structural and institutional analysis of cultural entities; the creation of crossover academic-lay texts that have net public benefits or are directed toward the public good; community-based writing that aims to improve local conditions through research and expository writing.

These one-year fellowships carry a competitive stipend and a tuition scholarship for their duration. They also come with access to significant professional development funds to support eligible research and project costs.

For questions about eligibility and application requirements, students should contact their DGS or Holger Hoock, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, at