Administrative Micro-Internships for Ph.D. Students, Summer 2021

Humanities Engage fosters experiential learning and immersive experiences for students across the Dietrich School’s Humanities Ph.D. programs in support of our mission to broaden and deepen students’ intellectual and professional development and render Humanistic careers across all sectors visible, valued, and viable.

This new summer program matches mid-degree to advanced students enrolled in DSAS Ph.D. programs in the Humanities with administrative units in the University to collaborate on short-term, mentored projects that will enhance the students’ professional development and support the mission of the host unit. Doctoral students will gain crucial collaborative experiences that position them for success in a variety of careers – from the tenure track and higher education administration to government, industry and business, and the social impact sector. Using their existing skills and developing new skills, interns will gain a deeper understanding of university administration and higher education leadership, deepen strategic competencies, and extend professional relationships.

Eligibility: DSAS Humanities Ph.D. students who are currently completing at least their third year of graduate studies and who will be enrolled in fall 2021

Stipend: $1,600 for ca. 80 hours of effort over 8 to 10 weeks in summer 2021


  • Fulfill micro-internship project; attend unit meetings when appropriate; shadow and engage in dialogue with the host mentor (and potentially additional colleagues in the hosting unit) regarding aspects of their position, e.g. specific responsibilities, organizational dynamics, and external networks
  • Contribute at least one brief reflection to the Humanities Engage blog, no later than two weeks after the end of the micro-internship
  • Participate in professional development events
  • Collaborate in evaluating the pilot program

Students are responsible for reporting taxable stipend payments and for remitting any tax due to their local taxing authority.

Students can only hold one Humanities Engage-funded opportunity of any type in summer 2021.

The competition for summer 2021 is now closed.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marques Redd, Senior Director for Graduate Advising and Engagement for the Humanities (, to discuss the project that they would like to apply to.

We hope to launch micro-internships as soon as possible after June 1. Applications will be reviewed, and micro-internships awarded, on a rolling basis.


Students interested in multiple micro-internships should submit a separate application for each micro-internship they wish to be considered for.

Applicants should provide the following materials in this order and in a single .pdf attached to an email to, subject line: “Summer Micro-Internship”

A. Completed Cover Sheet (pdf): download here, complete, and include in your application .pdf.

B. Statement of Interest (2 pages max) addressing these key points:

  1. Which opportunity are you applying to? [clearly identify the host unit and micro-internship title]
  2. How will your academic preparation and professional experience help advance the host unit’s goals?
  3. How will this micro-internship amplify your research training and intellectual trajectory and advance your professional development and career preparation?

C. Brief and current CV (2 pages max)

In addition, your primary advisor should please send a (brief) email to by the time that you submit your application to express their support for a potential summer micro-internship.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed via Zoom by representatives of the prospective host unit and of Humanities Engage.